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Does GOD really cares?   Leave a comment

Does GOD cares? oh no! does he really knows what i’m passing through,my temptations,trials,the burdens i bearing! oh! my life is in shambles,dreams shattered,life seems to come to a crash before my very eyes..i don’t think he knows my sorrows and griefs.Relax friend! if GOD could care for the birds of the air,the animals in the plain and creatures in the deep,how much more are you of value in his sight.yes,there might be delays in prayers but “eyes have not seen,nor ears heard neither has it entered intothe heart of men” what God is laying up in store for you.Yes, OUR LOAD MAY BE HEAVY BUT OF A SURETY,OUR KNEES WON’T BUCKLE.WE MAY BE KNOCKED DOW BUT WON’T GET KNOCKED OUT.”GOD makes gold out of our lives one way or the the furnace of pain and suffering,or in some manner of waiting.but,while we are in the furnace,it is important to understand we are there for a reason and that nothing comes into our lives but through GOD’S filter.whatever he sends,he give grace enough for us to carry through”…brethren,GOD IS NOT UNJUST TO FORGET HIS OWN…YOU JUST PRESS A LITTLE MORE,HELP,REINFORCEMENT IS ON THE WAY….


Posted July 9, 2013 by GOCLAP in solace in christ, writeups

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