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you are amazing created man in your own image & made him lord over all created the birds of the air,creatures in the sea & land,ever since no one has ever created spread the cloud round the world in an amazing performed the first surgery,you made an ass see what balaam did n’t see. is n’t this amazing? you made the speed of light faster than that of sound,every creature unique in imagined me & you gave him breath,you imagined me & you gave me life you performed the first water dredging at red sea,you made richmen from dunghills,you confound the wise with vain things.what an amazing GOD? you gave nature a slap by knowing the begining from the end.the lightning,rolling thunder,moving cloud all signi fies you greatness,the only one that was,is & is to are amazing,more amazing and the most amazing.the mighty one in battle,the GOD of israel,a consuming fire yet the prince of peace & a loving father.from ages past,present & beyond,GOD you’re know the heart of men,your mathematics is imcomprehendable,who dare say things that are not as though they are? you know my unfaithfulness yet,you choose to be’re incomparabe,indescrible,unchangeable,Above all GOD you’re AWESOME!


Posted July 16, 2013 by GOCLAP in praise series, writeups

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