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Back to the narrow way the herald keep calling
amidst tears he keep beckoning to men on the broad way,but they seem so busy to hear his passionate cry.on and on they keep going,lost through eternity!
back to the narrow way, the prophets keep saying day & night but men are too business minded that they forget eternity..they’d become deaf to the prophets cry
back to the narrow way the shepherd of the church keep saying men would rather make jest of his words and prophets
what a pity? millions keep dying and souls keep moving to hell what an eternal damnation? they didn’t have time for GOD but now they’ve found time to die and believe that the bible was true afterall!
back to the narrow way,who’ll help pass the message across before they enters forever l and-eternity? time is so short,who will help lead them back to the narrow way?


Posted August 3, 2013 by GOCLAP in evangelism series

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