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These latter times   Leave a comment

Infact,these latter times-as i so call it, had been event filled that almost all the prophesies about the end time’d been fulfilled.we now live in a world where everyone quest for freedom to do anything he/she think is right.A world where nudity & corruption has invaded every facet of life! a world where even underage are porn-thirsty,masturbation and it likes.a world where justice’s been perverted,a world where teens are sexual molested and are no more obedient to GOD rather they follow wh at their flesh,lust & human right drive dictates to them-they have left the natural use of men and clothing!…..may GOD have mercy on we end-time(latter-times)believers!
will you choose to be lost in the pleasure mad throng of this world or embrace the will of GOD for us? the choice is really yours.The time of his coming cannot be ascertained but when he comes will he find you as a “chaste virgin” and a faithful and worthy servant? if there be any virtue/word of encouragement,think on this words!


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gay?   Leave a comment

Dearly Beloved
by Belinda van Rensburg
“Dearly Beloved; family and friends,
Welcome to all who’s come to attend;
To witness the joining of man to man –
An act no longer under a ban…”
Being gay in the world of today
Is not considered wrongbut OK;
If something makes one ‘feel good’ it’s fine
So long as you’re happy most of the time.
The Word of God’s no longer heeded
God Himself is no longerneeded
By the present ‘me’ generation
Fixated ‘pon self-veneration.
These things are wrong;do not be deceived
The devil’s lies must not be believed;
God condemns such unnatural acts –
(In First Corinthians to be exact).
He doesn’t hate people who are gay
But desires them to turnaway;
To stop; repent from this deadly sin
To know; enjoy communion with Him.
© 2009

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‘Religion’ by Belinda van Rensburg   Leave a comment

It is madness; this will astound –
How love and sin side byside can abound.
In the same heart there lurks darkness and light;
In the same mind there is courage and fright.
‘Tis so strange, you will have to agree;
That there are those who think they are free,
But instead they’re still living under the curse –
Holding on tight to their folly and purse.
Once every week they might sit in the pew,
Thinking of home and their afternoon stew.
Their minds on the things of this earth are set,
And about the things of this world they fret.
They listen and listen but do not hear –
They say they believe but they do not fear.
They close their ears toGod’s gentle Voice,
And go their own way out of their own choice.
You can’t get to Heaven through any religion,
No matter how great your works and your vision.
There is only one Key to unlock Heaven’s door:
Jesus Christ crucified – nothing less; nothing more.
If your heart is set on doing God’s Will,
Even though sometimes you must remain still.
Not looking within for strength to do deeds –
Not looking to man to fulfill all your needs.
But accepting the gift of God’s only Son,
And everything that outof love He has done
For you and for me on that cursed cross;
To cleanse us of all our sins and dross.
Then will we soar on eagle’s wings,
Leaving behind the earthly things;
In the secret place worship God alone
With hearts of flesh andnot of stone.
© 2008

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Something’s A-Coming by Belinda van Rensburg   Leave a comment

Do you know something’s a-coming;
Are you aware it’s almost here?
Can you hear the distantdrumming
Moving closer year by year?
The great end-times tribulation
Has been foretold in ancient times;
It will affect each Christian; nation
And we’ll witness awful crimes.
No-one knows the hour or day
Though signs make it quite clear;
There is no doubt it’s onthe way –
In fact, it seems it’s near.
© 200

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Breaking News by Belinda van Rensburg   Leave a comment

Read all about it! Breaking news!
The whole world is in chaos and confused!
Read all about it! Hot offthe press!
It is the truth; no more nor less!
Scientists wonder and governments probe
Why some went missing all around the globe;
Last night folk went on their merry way
But consternation reignssupreme today.
Many children are no longer in their cots;
What could have happened to those tiny tots?
Older folk and young ones too
Left without so much asan adieu.
Many members of the human race
Simply vanished without the slightest trace;
What could have happened; where could they be?
Did they evaporate, hideor flee?
Read all about it! Breaking news!
Here is an update on yesterday’s views!
Read all about it! Hot offthe press!
Find out the reason for our great distress!
That which few believedcould ever be
Has now happened for all the world to see;
The Son of Man descended on the clouds
And was met in the air by crowds.
Graves gave up their dead in Him –
All those souls redeemed from sin;
Billions watched in stunned dismay
As their friends were snatched away.
How could this happen; how can it be?
We were just too obstinate to see
That Jesus Christ is the only Way –
Now we have missed Him by a day!
© 2008

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To Bliss or Woe a Soul Must Go by Belinda van Rensburg   Leave a comment

Have you ever sat and wondered;
Seriously thought on; pondered
What awaits our souls immortal
Beyond death’s veiled, obscure portal?
We’ve one life only; thenwe die –
Reincarnation is a lie.
Heaven and hell really exist –
God’s Word is crystal clear on this.
One is Above and one below;
To bliss or woe a soul must go.
Once the silver cord is cut
The way back is forever shut.
Those trav’ling on the broader way
Will find that they have debts to pay.
Satan will claim them as his own –
In utter darkness they’ll be thrown;
A fiery pit most foul and deep
Where they will gnash their teeth and weep.
Those following the narrow Way
Will have no debt at all to pay;
Jesus Christ has done so in our stead
When He hung upon the Cross and bled.
We are the branches; He’s the Vine
Who bought us with His Blood divine
If Christ our Saviour wehold dear
Death and beyond we need not fear;
He saved us from the flames infernal
Loves us – gives us life eternal.
He will claim us as His own
And give us heaven as our home.
© 2010

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