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Why I Left the Apostolic Pentecostal Church

Why I Left the Apostolic Pentecostal Church.


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Is It Love Or Burden?   Leave a comment

Once upon a time, when cars were only for rich people and life had fewer commodities than today, there was a young eight year old boy named John who, from birth, had lived with crippled legs and feet. Unable to move about with much liberty, it was the task of his elder brother Matthew to carry him for half-an-hour to school every day where they studied together. Whether hot or cold, sunny or rainy, ten year old Matthew was always to be found with John on his shoulders.
Along the cobbled country lane which Matthew strode to bring young John to class, there lived an elderly couple who watched the two go by their cottage day by day. In summer they would give the boys cool lemonade to drink and in the winter, a hot potato for them to put in their trouser pockets so that their legs wouldn’t go numb with the bitter cold on the way to school. As they left the couple’s cottage, Matthew and John always remembered to say, “Thank you, sir. Thank you, miss.” Mrs. George was particularly overwhelmed by their constant thankfulness and jovial spirit. For her, the boys were like the grandchildren she had never had. “They don’t make lads like that anymore, Jack,” she said to her husband.
Although the words shared amongst the boys and the Georges tended to be sparse, on one snowy and dark December morning, Matthew looked a little downcast. His sniffles and sneezes and watery eyes showed that he had caught the cold. He blew his nose incessantly and at times had to let John down off his back to take the hanky out of his hand-held leather schoolbag.
Needless to say, the boys were advancing slower than usual. As they passed the old couple’s house, Mr. and Mrs. George offered the brothers a steaming cup of tea. But that day they had to refuse. “No thank you, miss. Not today.” School started at quarter-past seven. They had ten minutes to make a twenty minute journey. There would be trouble with the professor and trouble back home.
Recalling that cold winter morning, Mr. George felt compelled to ask Matthew a heart-to-heart question in the mid-June summer when John had to stay home with a bad dose of fever.
“Why are you alone today, boy?” Mr. George asked.
“It’s John, sir. He’s sick. He has to stay with mum. But he’s going to be alright. The doctor says he’ll be as fit as a fiddle next week,” replied Matthew.
“Boy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. You carry your younger brother around on your shoulders all year round and I’ve never heard you utter so much as a word of complaint. At times, is the burden not too heavy to carry? Do you ever get tired of having to take care of him?”
“Sir,” answered Matthew, “John’s not a burden. John’s my brother.”
“Very well, boy. Off you go, now. Have a good day at school,” commented Mr. George.
As Matthew marched off into the distance, tears welled up in old Jack’s eyes. His stoic appearance had been overcome with floods of compassion and a tight knot in his throat. Mrs. George, coming from the kitchen, found him with his head bowed in the living room. “Jack, what is it?” she asked.
“He’s not a burden. He’s my brother,” replied Mr. George, “He’s not a burden. He’s my brother.”
For some strange reason, Mrs. George knew understood exactly what old Jack was referring to. She took her husband’s tear-stained hands to her lips, saying, “Dear, you have never been a burden for me. And I hope I have never been one for you. Where love is at work, all burdens disappear and count as nothing.”
Article written by Will Graham

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today’s inspirational piece 19/03/2014   Leave a comment

Rise from the fall,that’s not where you belong.Look straight,shoulders high,be’re alive!

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I’ll run the race   3 comments

Tell yourself:I’ll run the race!
The christian journey is an enduring one; you!ll really need to’ll suffer persecution,rejection: i mean if they can persecute our lord Jesus Christ and the prophets of old,of a surety you’ll be persecuted,rejected,hungered etc.
the call Christ has called us into is not a bread and butter one as many do say- they think things will go on smoothly.little wonder they cant stand the test and trials of faith.
you’ll suffer persecution from men- your pals will say all sorts of things,your unbelieving parents will reject you but,if we suffer and die with the lord’we shall live with the lord.if we die with the lord,we shall reign with him!
we should however not be oblivious of the fact that that the race to heaven is a race we run with all our might because,right from the days of john the baptist,the kingdom suffereth violence and the violent takes it by force.
we take away everything that may want to serve as hindrance on our way,we pull aside every sinful treasure and whatever sinful gain this world has to offer to face the cross.
The christian race is an INDIVIDUAL RACE: Romans 14: 12 for everyone shall give account of himself to don’t do things because others are doing it rather because God don’t compare yourself with unbelieving christian rather you do what the bible says.
it is a RACE ALL BELIEVERS MUST RUN, 1cor 9:24,
The christian race can be likened to the secular race –
(1) HURDLES-in this wise,the hurdles are humiliation,hunger,hurt,shame,sufferings,denial, all are to make us loose focus of the crown ahead,
(2) SACK RACE-it requires agility.there are times you’ll fall but you must quickly rise so as not to loose the crown
(3) BICYCLE RACE- you have to pedal fast,through the mountains,valleys and deserts.
Having known what the christian race is all about,to run through and come out victorious,we  need: perseverance,courage,consistence,to be prayerful,to be self denial 1cor 9:24a,to be watchful and finally,make the bible our closest companion.
conclusion: my brothers,sisters in the lord,will you run the race?
aren’t you getting tired and your strength going down?
will you endure the hardship,the rejection,the shame and reproach?
Remember,the race is not for the swift nor the strong but for them that with all patience and perseverance work out their race with faith and trembling…..

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Just give!   Leave a comment

It happened some times ago,i had no money on me & i needed to buy somethings.Along the line,someone gave me a certain amount of money.unknowing to me,i took the money to church-at times we always tend to play smart with GOD. A call came to give our offe ring unto GOD,reluctantly i dropped the money in the offering bag. just then something jokingly told me “you’ll get times ten” which before the end of that week he did.i got the times ten!.
The little story above is just to illustrate “giving”.i tell you,giving is receiving”.
(1) Give without expecting in return.
(2) Give willingly without compulsion (Gen 35:5).
(3) Give in love.
(4) Give to appreciate GOD
(5) Give to GOD’S work- a practical example is in Genesis 35:1-35.
(6) Give to the needy-acts 2:45
(7) Give in that little capacity of yours: you should n’t of course run into debt because you want to give but rather you give out of what GOD has given you.
Over the years,i’ve found out that giving is a real practical pathway to blessings.
Just give! Just give! and see if GOD’ll not “open the windows of heaven,and pour you out a blessimg,that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” malachi 3:10,11

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vanity upon vanity,all is vanity   Leave a comment

look at the life of king great and wealthy as he was,one might begin to wonder why he(going through the whole book of ecclesiastes,you’ll find the word “vanity” in virtually all chapters) had so many regrets.well,we might say twas because he came to realize towards the end of his life that his wealth & fame couldn’t help him.learn from solomon.all the worldly pleasures,sinfulness,positions & wealth you’re craving for will amount to vanity when one day you’ll discover they couldn’t help you secure a place in heaven.look around,look at your life.what is that thing taking your time & attention from GOD?is it wealth/women like solomon? it’ll be better you repent now before it gets too late..Don’t let the vain things of this world take away eternity from you! remember;vanity upon vanity,all is vanity!!

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Commit your ways onto him   Leave a comment

I’m often pissed off when i see so called believers,sleep,wake,do their house chores and then go about their daily activities without acknowledging the GOD that kept them through the evils & perils of the night.aah! the’ve forgotten there is one GOD that was not asleep when they were.they forgot to commit their ways onto GOD.they’ve Forgotten There is a reason why the lord said “redeeming the days,for the days are full of evil”.little wonder,they fall into temptations & problems so soon. commit your ways onto GOD & he’ll bring it to pass”.when you commit your ways unto him,you hand over,give him full control over your give him the go ahead to ward off evil from give the angels the charge to guard you.this was what the israelite acknowledged when they said “if your presence will not go with us,we don’t want to leave this place” .hence,our daily disposition should be;GOD,if your presence’ll not go with me,i’d rather stay indoors.when you tell him this,he knows you’re resolute & that you don’t have any mini-GOD you put your trust in,neither are you trusting in the police,intelligence agencies nor in your power to stay out of trouble.hand over your day to him,know what his opinion is,put everything you’ll be leaving at home in his care,coveryour soul,spirit,body with the blood of jesus,tell to lead direct & guide you & to let you hear when he’s directing you.and to cap it up,tell him to make the day the best in the history of your life

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