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How many are christians today,joining affinity with the world? how many are christian couples today,commit abortion?what a great murder! how many are erroneous doctrines being fed into the church? just can’t bear sights of so called choristers in skimpy and short dresses,homosexuality and lesbianism in so called churches.christians now listen to all sorts of songs,giving them all sorts of our GOD so praise thirsty that he’ll go to the extent of mixing styles with the world?satan’s creeping into the church at large,satan’s preparing for war and believers are not suspecting…churches are turned into disco and party houses,where is the honor and place of GOD in these?..youths now fine tune the bible to defend their sinfulness.holliness,rapture(basic bible doctrines)’s become play things in the hands of comedians…christians are no longer differentiable from the world. what a pity? the modern day church’s gradually loosing its place..where are the prohets?where are the pastors?where are the peopl e that’ll bring back the much anticipated revival?it might be you,me..let’s all awake to the cause and snatch the church from doom….. let it not be like the church in revelations “I HAVE SOMEWHAT AGAINST YOU,IN THAT THOU HAST LED THY FIRST LOVE…”let’s know where we’ve missed it and retrace our steps back to the lord…


Posted November 2, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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