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christians of today have relaxed in the work of evangelism,we’re no longer striving to preach it the way our fathers gave it to us..i can remember in the early days of church revival,where in every public transport you board,you’re sure to meet a preache r,those where the days when you see people rushing as early as 3pm to attend a church service,days when christians task themselves not to eat/sleep until they’ve preached to at least a soul,those where the days where the prayer power was visible in even aday old believer,those where the days when believers put it upon themselves to follow up fellow believers.where are those days? where is the revival? where is the power and miracle that accompany the ministration of even babes in the faith?
this is a wake up call to believers of this era.most of us have placed our secular work above GOD’S duty of evangelism..lukewarmness,lethargy,backslidding,what shall we eat/drink have taken away our zeal from GOD…
like the christians in laodecia,we’ve left our firs t love…little wonder christ said “when i return will i find faith on earth?”
and isn’t the prophecy that “in the last days perilious time shall come,the love of many shall wax cold” in our very eyes?
but,if we’ll arise from our slumber,repent from our lukewarness,lethargy,neglect of GOD’S work,disobedience to GOD’S work of evangelism,he is always ready to pour out his power and spirit like he did in the days of old. he is always on the move to move in mighty ways and once again there’ll be revival,healing,and great joy will once again fill our land.

Posted August 31, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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