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For how long,will you engage your maker in a fight? for how long will you let the fight over who own you continue? jesus’s been knocking the door of your heart,for how long will you ignore his call and beckon?
he was blameless,unspotted,second person in trinity,yet he was wounded,bruised,tortured all for you to be made whole.he left his heavenly to be born in a manger – the unlikeliest of place for the saviour of the world to be born.he passed through heartaches,rejection,ejection from the cruel world he has come to save.he was tempted,despised and forsaken,arrested,spat upon,scourged with whip that has blade in them,i can see the blood gushing out from his wounded side,tried and condemned to die a painful death.Through all these, as a sheep he was before the shearer-he lifted not his voice just to reconcile you & me back to GOD.he beared the cross and in golgota,he was nailed to the cross where he proclaimed an end to my & your sins…friend,do you want this pain he suffered for you to go in vain?
Right there! where you are,why not bow your head & close your eyes? then begin to visualize the life,time,suffering & death of jesus..have you realize what pain he had to pass through for you? one by one,start confessing your sins to him-you know what sins you’ve committed,no matter how heavy/grievious they might be. Tell him to forgive you of them all & wash you through with his precious blood that was shed on calvary he’ll then fill your heart with the joy of salvation.IF YOU’VE SAID THIS PRAYERS WHOLE HEARTEDLY,I WELCOME YOU TO THE FAMILY OF CHRIST…i’ll like to help you more in your just found relationship in christ.please fill the comment form below:

Posted August 25, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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