Miracles in the ministry   1 comment

it is pity,that so many are now chasing after miracles-all they want is just the healing and deliverance,they’ve forgotten the “seek ye first the kingdom of GOD” part,all they want is the “all other things shall be added” part. They’ve left the main to p ursue the additional – of what use/benefit is the miracle they receive and then loose their soul in hell! tell me what good does a miracle when after recieving,you still end up in hell….
miracles are for the children,
miracles are to show forth GOD’s
glory – john 2:11
miracles are to bring sinners to the knowledge of christ – john 4:48;12:18
miracles are to affirm that jesus is the prophet that should come – john 6:14;7:31
miracles are to bring joy to our hearts and to keep us assured that we’re serving a living GOD – acts 8:6-8
miracles are not to make us drift away from GOD – anyone that does,watch it!
we however,have to be careful because,to every thing GOD does,satan is always there to counterfeit…


Posted August 21, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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