Gay/ Lesbian marriage   3 comments

let me start this way,what is marriage? marriage is the union of a man & a woman to become husband & wife.
what is the purpose of marriage?
in Gen 1:28,the plan of GOD for man is to be fruitful,multiply & replenish the earth.
what is gay/lesbian marriage?
gay/lesbian marriage is the joining of a man & a man,a woman & a woman to become husband and wife.
since the plan of GOD is for us is to multiply & replenish the earth,tell me/proof to me how a man & a man can replenish & procreate…
same sex marriage is a demonically engineered end time tool and its course is to anger GOD – believe it or you leave it!
gay/lesbian drive is not strange though,it started in sodom & gomorrah – GEN 19:5,you can check out what their end was!
Their aim is to make what happ ened to sodom happen in our time
gay/lesbian marriage is lust & disobedience to GOD plan of procreation,and when you disobey GOD,his anger and wrath are always on the other side.
their aim is also to reduce the world’s population – their is no relacement to millions that die daily!
as you’ve now seen,this practice negates GOD’s plan,”if GOD spared not the angels that did sinned” 2peter 2:4 how much more you – dust that engage in this sinful act!
and for so called believers,that supports/have pleasure in in the gay marriage movement,GOD’S judgement is upon you unless you repent now! Romans 1:32
Any congregation,assemblies,group of persons,miracle worker associated with the movement,from such flee! satan is their master!


Posted August 21, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

3 responses to “Gay/ Lesbian marriage

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  1. Right from onset of this same marriage..i knew that, was not God’s plan for the entire world,anyone who venture into it…he/she is an enemy with opinion is that people especially believers should ignore it and follow the righteous way of the God almighty.for He alone is worthy of Emulation,his ways are blameless and his promise towards us never fail.

  2. Amen @ebenyi
    a post will be made to that effect shortly! stay update @victor

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