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When life seems so hard,when i’m so pressed with grief,when burdens seems to over weigh me what? just pray!
when even my closest pal forsake me,when there’s no money,when the assurance of 3 square meal is dim..just pray!
“just pray”,prayer changes things.little wonder the adage says “a prayerless christian is a powerless christian.
christians in the society today are appearing poor & poorer day in day out.tell me, are you serving a poor GOD? the promises of GOD are there for us to claim instead today christians engage in gossips,busy bodying – wasting precious time that aught to be spent in prayers to GOD.Even those that manage to pray recieve not because they ask amiss – they dictate to GOD,give GOD deadline “if you don’t do this,i’ll backslide”.
Believers should however not that prayer is not heaven’s shopping network rather it is an effective tool for us to change unpalatable situations,it is a place you stay & tarry in GOD presence till he lifts that burden.
friend,if you’re not in a working relationship with GOD,how will prayer work for you.retrace your steps back to him! be in a daily father to son communion with him.
God still wants to turn water into wine,heal the sick,raise the dead,cure all manners of sicknesses,fall jerichowalls,make plain every mountain before zerubabel all if we can spare our time to be in a working relationship with him and what? JUST PRAY!


Posted August 18, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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