Tribute to a departed mother in israel   2 comments

what a pain and heartache your sudden departure caused us? it came as a bomb blast unto us…tears freely flowing from our face and our feeble frame became so downcast…most of us that saw you in your last weeks,days,mins & secs find it so hard to believe that you are gone…had we known that those are your lasts,maybe we could have begged mr death not to strike.why is it that GOD decided to take you away at a time like these when you need you around? why is death so cruel? but who are we – dust to question the almighty?
we are however,consoled in the fact that GOD taketh the righteous before the evil days and also that you had gone to be with the lord!
when you were with us on this side of life,your life has been filled with love,vibrancy,we can always see the joy of the lord,you lived a life of total surrenderedness and service unto GOD…all that we’ll all miss!
the members of the choir will all miss your sweet voice and the professionality with which you handled the violin.
the church’ll miss your elderly & leaderly approached to the ministry of christ.
our dear wife,mother,sister,friend,leader,proprietress,singer,instrumentalist,you’ll forever be missed!
you’re more than a colleague to us in the singing ministry,you’re a rare gem and a mother in israel.hope we’ll meet someday in mansions beyond the blue….

Posted August 16, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

2 responses to “Tribute to a departed mother in israel

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  1. rest in peace mom,but we miss yu

  2. thanks a bunch! chinodakufa

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