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Infact,these latter times-as i so call it, had been event filled that almost all the prophesies about the end time’d been fulfilled.we now live in a world where everyone quest for freedom to do anything he/she think is right.A world where nudity & corruption has invaded every facet of life! a world where even underage are porn-thirsty,masturbation and it likes.a world where justice’s been perverted,a world where teens are sexual molested and are no more obedient to GOD rather they follow wh at their flesh,lust & human right drive dictates to them-they have left the natural use of men and clothing!…..may GOD have mercy on we end-time(latter-times)believers!
will you choose to be lost in the pleasure mad throng of this world or embrace the will of GOD for us? the choice is really yours.The time of his coming cannot be ascertained but when he comes will he find you as a “chaste virgin” and a faithful and worthy servant? if there be any virtue/word of encouragement,think on this words!

Posted August 15, 2013 by GOCLAP in End time series, writeups

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