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It happened some times ago,i had no money on me & i needed to buy somethings.Along the line,someone gave me a certain amount of money.unknowing to me,i took the money to church-at times we always tend to play smart with GOD. A call came to give our offe ring unto GOD,reluctantly i dropped the money in the offering bag. just then something jokingly told me “you’ll get times ten” which before the end of that week he did.i got the times ten!.
The little story above is just to illustrate “giving”.i tell you,giving is receiving”.
(1) Give without expecting in return.
(2) Give willingly without compulsion (Gen 35:5).
(3) Give in love.
(4) Give to appreciate GOD
(5) Give to GOD’S work- a practical example is in Genesis 35:1-35.
(6) Give to the needy-acts 2:45
(7) Give in that little capacity of yours: you should n’t of course run into debt because you want to give but rather you give out of what GOD has given you.
Over the years,i’ve found out that giving is a real practical pathway to blessings.
Just give! Just give! and see if GOD’ll not “open the windows of heaven,and pour you out a blessimg,that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” malachi 3:10,11


Posted August 15, 2013 by GOCLAP in daily living, writeups

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