vanity upon vanity,all is vanity   Leave a comment

look at the life of king great and wealthy as he was,one might begin to wonder why he(going through the whole book of ecclesiastes,you’ll find the word “vanity” in virtually all chapters) had so many regrets.well,we might say twas because he came to realize towards the end of his life that his wealth & fame couldn’t help him.learn from solomon.all the worldly pleasures,sinfulness,positions & wealth you’re craving for will amount to vanity when one day you’ll discover they couldn’t help you secure a place in heaven.look around,look at your life.what is that thing taking your time & attention from GOD?is it wealth/women like solomon? it’ll be better you repent now before it gets too late..Don’t let the vain things of this world take away eternity from you! remember;vanity upon vanity,all is vanity!!


Posted August 3, 2013 by GOCLAP in daily living

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