The Broad Way   Leave a comment


The broad way,as your width is,so are the numbers of they that journey through you
oh how many are giants that have been trapped in your vain pleasures and gains
mankind travel along laughing,carrying the modern day christianity banner as they went
they were happy they could journey with their sins and still get into the kingdom,blinded they are,they couldn’t see fire ahead
but to their greatest doom,another destination they did ended…
But alas,another eternity they did ended
in hell they did end their journey-in fire that burns night and day
what a gnashing of teeth and wailing they did inherit
in hell they now understood that the prophets and the bible were true afterall!
But it’s a journey of no return!!
Eternity they’ll spend in everlasting sorrow and torment….


Posted July 30, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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