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The narrow way,oh the narrow way that leads to heaven!
oh! how rugged you are?
today in the valley,tommorrow on the many distractions,enticement litter the whole journey way
some have once journeyed through you and t hey made it-they got to heaven,what a happy end?
many once journeyed through but they lack the strength to get to the end,they left and alas to the broadway they go
so many bends,obstacles,hurdles on the way but determined travellers still made it
so rug ged and worn out they seemed but with smile you’ll hear them say the journey is about to end,my crown is waiting for me..and off they went..
the ones that journeyed through,a crown of righteousness they get,
a mighty mansion they inherit,
and rewards theirs according to their works..
eternity they are!
eternity in heaven they are! hallelujah they did sing,
the narrow way,oh the narrow way! how few are they that journey through you they say,
but praise the lord,i’m glad i’ve walked the NARROW WAY!

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Posted July 29, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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