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I’m often pissed off when i see so called believers,sleep,wake,do their house chores and then go about their daily activities without acknowledging the GOD that kept them through the evils & perils of the night.aah! the’ve forgotten there is one GOD that was not asleep when they were.they forgot to commit their ways onto GOD.they’ve Forgotten There is a reason why the lord said “redeeming the days,for the days are full of evil”.little wonder,they fall into temptations & problems so soon. commit your ways onto GOD & he’ll bring it to pass”.when you commit your ways unto him,you hand over,give him full control over your give him the go ahead to ward off evil from give the angels the charge to guard you.this was what the israelite acknowledged when they said “if your presence will not go with us,we don’t want to leave this place” .hence,our daily disposition should be;GOD,if your presence’ll not go with me,i’d rather stay indoors.when you tell him this,he knows you’re resolute & that you don’t have any mini-GOD you put your trust in,neither are you trusting in the police,intelligence agencies nor in your power to stay out of trouble.hand over your day to him,know what his opinion is,put everything you’ll be leaving at home in his care,coveryour soul,spirit,body with the blood of jesus,tell to lead direct & guide you & to let you hear when he’s directing you.and to cap it up,tell him to make the day the best in the history of your life


Posted July 29, 2013 by GOCLAP in daily living

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