To Bliss or Woe a Soul Must Go by Belinda van Rensburg   Leave a comment

Have you ever sat and wondered;
Seriously thought on; pondered
What awaits our souls immortal
Beyond death’s veiled, obscure portal?
We’ve one life only; thenwe die –
Reincarnation is a lie.
Heaven and hell really exist –
God’s Word is crystal clear on this.
One is Above and one below;
To bliss or woe a soul must go.
Once the silver cord is cut
The way back is forever shut.
Those trav’ling on the broader way
Will find that they have debts to pay.
Satan will claim them as his own –
In utter darkness they’ll be thrown;
A fiery pit most foul and deep
Where they will gnash their teeth and weep.
Those following the narrow Way
Will have no debt at all to pay;
Jesus Christ has done so in our stead
When He hung upon the Cross and bled.
We are the branches; He’s the Vine
Who bought us with His Blood divine
If Christ our Saviour wehold dear
Death and beyond we need not fear;
He saved us from the flames infernal
Loves us – gives us life eternal.
He will claim us as His own
And give us heaven as our home.
© 2010


Posted July 17, 2013 by oluwadunsinn in End time series, writeups

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