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Dearly Beloved
by Belinda van Rensburg
“Dearly Beloved; family and friends,
Welcome to all who’s come to attend;
To witness the joining of man to man –
An act no longer under a ban…”
Being gay in the world of today
Is not considered wrongbut OK;
If something makes one ‘feel good’ it’s fine
So long as you’re happy most of the time.
The Word of God’s no longer heeded
God Himself is no longerneeded
By the present ‘me’ generation
Fixated ‘pon self-veneration.
These things are wrong;do not be deceived
The devil’s lies must not be believed;
God condemns such unnatural acts –
(In First Corinthians to be exact).
He doesn’t hate people who are gay
But desires them to turnaway;
To stop; repent from this deadly sin
To know; enjoy communion with Him.
© 2009


Posted July 17, 2013 by oluwadunsinn in End time series, writeups

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