the clarion call,CAN HE DEPEND ON YOU?   Leave a comment

christ himself gave us the charge to evangelize mark16:15 “and he said unto them,go ye into all the world,and preach the gospel to every creature”.The question now is,how many souls have you won for the master? and together,you ,me,how many souls have we brought to the light of christ..”christ is crying” because of souls that he shed his blood for are in their large number trooping to hell..The master is angry with we believers because,we’ve fail in our duty of EVANGELISM..due to our negligence,see how r otten the society has gone,see what manner of vices are going on around us.2timothy3:2 “for men shall be louers of their ownselves,covetous…”.they are ever learning and never come to the knowledge of the truth.if you contribute your part in evangelism,and i contribute mine,in no time we’ll snatch them from the verge of destruction..NOTE:IF THEY DIE IN THEIR SIN THEIR BLOOD’LL BE REQUIRED FROM YOU…evangelism is the heartbeat of christ. CAN HE DEPEND ON YOU?


Posted July 3, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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