saved but not preparing for heaven ?   2 comments

Are you a born again christian?fine,but are you preparing for christ’s second coming? remember the ten virgins matt 25:1-12 in verse two, “and five of them were wise and five of them were foolish”.the virgins were saved,washed through and through with christ’s blood,including the foolish ones..what made the foolish ones foolish is not because of any sin,but because they have not made adequate preparation for christ’s coming..are you like the foolish or wise virgins? are you preparing for the master’s co ming? are you not caught in the pleasure,trend,craze of this world? is your zeal,first love for the lord not going down? little wonder christ said “when i come back, will i find faith on earth?”..BRETHREN, SEARCH YOURSELF.HEAVEN IS REAL AND THE TIME OF OUR GLORIFICATION IS NEAR…IF YOU’VE NOT BEEN UP AND DOING FOR THE MASTER,GO TO HIM IN PRAYER TODAY, AND JOIN THE HAPPY THRONG OF BELIEVERS WAITING PATIENTLY FOR THE RAPTURE….THE TRUMPET WILL SOON SOUND….


Posted July 2, 2013 by GOCLAP in rapture series, writeups

2 responses to “saved but not preparing for heaven ?

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  1. hmm somehow i feel there’s still a lot more to do but i don’t know if i am ready or not gotta think very well about it

  2. please do,cos the time is really really short…and the archangel will soon blow the trumpet…”eternity,eternity.where will you spend eternity?” #OVDS

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