Beware, Comedy Is evil…jesus is coming back soon   Leave a comment

For you so-called believers that delight in comedy and is christ’s warning for you in 2 timothy 2:16 “but shun profane and vain babblings:for they will increase unto more chapter4:4,”and they shall turn away there ears from t he truth,and shall be turned unto fabbles” but thank GOD, we have the scripture “that is profitable for doctrine,for reproof,for correction,for instruction in righteousness.That the man of GOD may ae perfect,throughly furnished unto all good works. This is the’ll be in your best interest to heed the warning because the day of the lord is at hand and will not spare any disobedient child of his…CORRECT YOUR WAYS NOW..don’t be like the proverbial stray dog that’ll not hear the whistle of the hunter….THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR,JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON…


Posted July 2, 2013 by GOCLAP in writeups

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